Skill lessons

For beginners. What can MASTER-UNIVERSAL equipment be used for?

Skill lessons

for beginners. What can MASTER-UNIVERSAL equipment be used for?

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Skill lessons

  • Lesson 1. Children's playground

    Kids will be happy if they get their small kingdom in the garden. Children’s playground made by your own hands can’t be easier than now.

  • Lesson 2. Fence

    In fact it is not hard to make a fence or a garden gate. Follow our advice and you will create the image of traditional suburban garden with ease.

  • Lesson 3. Shelf

    This shelf is very easy to make and this is the item which fits every house.

  • Lesson 4. Rack

    Indispensable thing in every house.

  • Lesson 5. Children's Swing

    You can make a comfortable swing for your kids in an instant and at small cost.

  • Lesson 6. Bird's house

    One can make a wonderful bird’s house.

  • Lesson 7. Stand

    The stand is necessary for storing different materials. The design is universal and this stand can be used in a garage, utility room and warehouse. The height of stand and the quantity of shelves may vary.

  • Lesson 9. Armchairs and table

    To have home-made armchairs and table in the garden is a great idea. Following our advice even the freshman in carpentry will be able of making it.

  • Lesson 10. Table and bench

    Both of these items are among the things one definitely needs at the summer house. Have a go at them and your rest will be even more comfortable.

  • Lesson 11. Door frame

    The door frame is very easy to make. Suits for household and utility premises.

  • Lesson 12. Stool

    The furnishing of each house starts with a simple stool. However, it only seems easy to produce but in fact it is the item where one can enhance the skill of making combed connections.

  • Lesson 13. Bookstand

    Unique bookstand with glass or slab shelves (fiberboard, plywood) which are inserted in the special grooves on bookstand. Number and height of shelves may vary.