Skill lessons

For beginners. What can MASTER-UNIVERSAL equipment be used for?

Skill lessons

for beginners. What can MASTER-UNIVERSAL equipment be used for?

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Welding equipment

MMM transformer welders

If you are looking for high-quality welding equipment at reasonable price, then our MASTER range of welders is your right choice. Transformer welding machines MASTER are extremely reliable and simple, they vary in power. This is your quality, inexpensive and indispensable assistant in a workshop.

Inverter welders

Inverter welding machines (inverters) are based on modern power source to reach high-quality manual arc welding. The main feature of inverter welders is the advanced electronic board with high-frequency thyristors and transistors that leads to considerable reduction of input power. The inverter welders therefore have low weight and compact dimensions as compared to conventional sources of welding current such as transformers or welding rectifiers. Inverters are both AC/DC current welders. If you need quality and comfortable welding, MASTER inverter is your only right choice.